2016 Grand Prize Winner


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    Powder Springs, GA

I first heard about Search for A Champion from my parents. My mom told me that she was doing some research on sponsorships, because she was really trying hard to keep me racing. Since the beginning, my mom has worked very hard to help me find sponsorships. The sport is very expensive and a serious financial challenge for my parents. Keeping me racing was difficult, and there were many races that I wanted to enter, but was unable to especially when we needed new tires for every race. Sometimes a chain would break, sometimes there would be an accident and my chassis would get damaged, and often we had to just not finish racing since we did not have any spare parts. So my mom was working very hard to find support for me, and spending a lot of time searching. She says she ran across the information online and decided that I should definitely enter the 2016 Search for A Champion contest. Like many middle class racing families, we needed help to get going.



I decided to enter the contest in November of last year. Entering the contest the process was nerve-wracking and scary because you are always thinking to yourself: “Whatever I write will either allow me to compete in more races for the season, or it’ll leave me stranded where I started.” So, of course with that in mind, I worked really hard in thinking what I would like to say in my essay and in my video that would make the readers engage with it.

I didn’t want people to only be impressed by the results, but also my academic level as well. Fortunately, my mom knew someone who had a good camera and would be able to edit whatever we recorded for submission. We recorded the video and I thought it turned out really well. I wasn’t really nervous for the video portion, but the essay was hard. I did several drafts of my essay before submitting it in January. I learned through being involved in this process that for every essay that I do, in and out of school, I should treat as if it were life or death and try to make the essay as intriguing and powerful as possible to the reader. I also learned a great lesson about my support network: I have a really good team of people who are behind me, pushing me to be successful.

Since winning the Search for A Champion contest I have been able to, for the first time, to enter a full season of racing and compete for a championship, which to me was a huge deal. I have been able to get better equipment and parts, which has helped keep me competitive, and I have been able to travel all over the country for races.

I have a really good team of people who are behind me, pushing me to be successful.

Winning the contest has helped me become a true contender in karting nationwide. The contest has changed my career dramatically because Champion is such a huge and supportive company and now I get to put on my resume that I was sponsored by Champion nd Federal-Mogul Motorparts, which it makes me feel so accomplished and gives me that feeling and knowledge that I am starting to make my “arrival” into the racing world. 

For the future applicants of this process, all I can say is just put your heart into this contest. Be true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask, ask, and ask again for votes. If you give it your all and believe in yourself, pursue this contest with everything. Winning this contest could possibly change your career and your life, as it already has for me. Champion has blessed me by surrounding me with great people that are also involved in the sport of racing and their support and experience has helped me in all of my races this season. Best of all, winning the contest has given me a team to call family. Go #Team Champion!