2016 Grand Prize Winner


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    Mount Holly, NC

The first time I heard about the Search for A Champion contest was in 2013 when my good friend Bobby Pierce won the Grand Prize title! I’ve been interested in it ever since, and around the end of 2015, I decided I needed to enter. We had a really good season and everything was going right so we decided, why not?

The submission process was pretty simple, in my opinion. I think that's why there were so many entries;however it was tough creating the content in the video. Sometimes I get nervous in front of the camera, butthankfully, I worked through that and it all worked out!

Preparing my submission was a lot of fun but I was definitely nervous at times. It took some time filming the video but fortunately our friends at DirtonDirt.com had a lot of the on track footage. That helped a ton. It took a long time to get everything to look exactly how we wanted. We worked on everything - filming, editing, and putting together a package that we thought had a good shot at winning. The biggest thing we wanted to accomplish was showing everybody that our team is very fortunate to have the success we've had without a major sponsor. We also wanted everyone to know we have remained humble through the good and bad times in racing. We were confident that we had a good video, but there were a lot of good videos in the competition so we were nervous about winning.


Chris's Epic Journey


The biggest thing we learned in preparing for the competition was that if you work hard on something, like preparing a video and submission, and you feel like it describes who you are and what your plans are, you have already won half the battle. The voting part is still tough, but if you are confident in your video and presentation, it makes everything easier. I think the fans felt like we had done a great job and that's part of the reason why they voted for us!

Winning the competition was emotional to say the least. Before, there have been times where I thought our team was going to have to shut down because the cost of racing. Racing can bring you plenty of tough times, and so I would have to say that winning has been one of the best moments in my life. It has helped us race and travel more than ever before. The level we are able to compete at now was just not possible before. It's awesome to be a part of #TeamChampion. The whole team wins week in and week out so it's kind of a challenge to make sure you keep up. It's also really cool to keep up with the drivers that are a part of #TeamChampion that compete in different forms of racing from dirt super late models. It's just a cool experience all together.

Thanks to our win, we now have two cars, one primary and a backup. We are able to race more comfortably than ever. Earlier in the year, I was leading a World of Outlaw race when we had an accident with a lap car that basically killed our car. Thanks to the sponsorship from Champion and Federal-Mogul Motorparts, we were able to build a brand new car in a week and win the next weekend!

As I’ve said, my racing career since winning has been amazing so far.

The professionalism and exposure of our team has really improved ever since winning the competition. We have grown in our fan base and also sponsor support. I feel that most people see that Champion choose us to represent them, so that helped improve the overall marketability of our team. We have had a lot of people come up to us and tell us congratulations on winning and that they thought we deserved it. It’s a nice feeling.

For future entrants, I have to just say have fun and enjoy the experience. Make sure you are prepared, have all the tools when it comes to social media, and don't be afraid to let people see who you really are! Make sure you treat your fans as good as you can! People remember who you are and they are the ones that can help you win the Search for A Champion contest!

I just want to thank Champion and Federal Mogul-Motorparts for not only sponsoring me but also supporting so many drivers that are chasing their dreams. It is a true blessing to have a company as big as Federal-Mogul Motorparts involved in motorsports and with drivers like myself. Good luck, Champions