2016 Grand Prize Winner


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    Oakwood, IL

I first heard about Search for A Champion during Christmas Break, as I was still in high school - I had run across it on the internet somewhere. Honestly, I first thought it was just simply too good to be true. When I realized what an opportunity it was, I threw the idea around of me creating a video and entering at my parents. I had been wanting to race on a national level, but my race team consisting of my family just couldn't afford the expenses that would require, so they agreed that if I won the contest, we could up our level of racing. So, I went to work on my submission immediately.

The whole process of creating a video and submitting it was intimidating as I had never done anything such as this before. I bought some affordable software and started playing with it right away. My family had a friend that had done an amateur wedding video who offered his help and gave me a start. Though at times we were ready to quit and just give up on the idea, my family and I stayed confident that we could do this as we knew how bad we wanted and needed this in order for me to fulfill my racing dreams!

I learned a lot during the video process on making videos, and I even still play around and create more videos. I learned that if you believe in yourself, your dreams, and the product, then you need to sell that in your video. Let the people voting and Champion family get to know you through your video and how important this is to you.

Bobby's Epic Journey


When I found out I won, I couldn't even speak as it was a dream come true. My mom was standing beside me and we both just began jumping with joy!

My life drastically changed after winning the contest, as it allowed us the financial means of pursuing my race career. And since winning, I have won two National Titles and most recently a Televised Crown Jewel in my sport of Dirt Late Model Racing.

My advice for future participants is to be energetic in your video! Believe in yourself and in your dream enough to convince others to believe in you! During the voting process, work hard with flyers about the contest and hang them everywhere you go. Share the contest on social media and encourage others to share your video as the more people who share it could mean more votes.

Being a part of #TeamChampion is awesome and without the support of Champion and Federal-Mogul Motorparts, I wouldn't be where I am today!