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Joe Lusk
On The Track, Dirt

Hello, my name is Joe Lusk and I am an 18 year old late model driver from Central Pennsylvania. From running my yard kart at age 3 to competing in a dirt go-kart at age 5, I have developed an unparalleled drive and passion for racing. I have been blessed to move forward in my career at rapid pace, jumping from karts to micro sprint cars, micros to pro stocks, then finally from pro stocks to late models.

My dedication to the sport extends beyond the dust of the dirt track on a Friday night. From hours spent wrenching on the car every week to the countless hours simulating my next race, my determination to better myself personally and behind the wheel is unrivaled. I would not be able to do it alone, however. I am supported by my family and many other great minds who have shaped my career to become the success story it is today.

From safety equipment, to a better working environment, the money from the grand prize would help our racing team tremendously. We would likely be able to compete nationally, utilizing our sponsorship to help front the bill for travel improvements to our current program. Not to mention, our family's financial stress of budgeting a race team alongside current debts would be all but eliminated.

I believe that I show the drive and determination required to stay on top no matter what level I compete at. I am already a proven champion, but I believe that I can go further. By becoming a member of Team Champion, my team and I can do great things.


Linden, PA

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