Nick Gennusa
On The Track, Dirt

The more I have grown up, the more races I've been to, the more people I have met in my life, the more I realize that there is something to learn from everyone whether young or old, amateur or Pro. Sometimes people are negative on Motorsports in general with the financial aspect of things saying, "You're wasting your time and money" or "The sport is going nowhere". The truth is, Motocross is the 2nd largest Motorsport in the USA right behind NASCAR and at the end of the day at 21 years old, I realize that I’m not going to come back to the sport of ATV Motocross when I am 40 or 50 years old, at least not as a racer! The goal is to build long term relationships that will breed new ventures one day. I've been fortunate to have amazing family and friends that with their support got me to where I am today. With 8 National Championship Titles so far, I now attract and inspire more than 30,000+ followers on my own social media which I would be honored to represent Champion on! I have also branched myself out Internationally teaching racing schools in Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Germany next year. But I have also been blessed to have "USA" built into my last name which the fans love! Now entering my 3rd season of racing professionally, it’s clear that it’s not easy to run my own team program and continue to try to make my dreams a reality every day. This is my time to make a change in my life and in others so they seek and pursue their passion. Keep your mind healthy and attack your day with positive thoughts. We are Champions. What are you going to do with this time? 


Wall, NJ

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