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Rusty Smith
On The Track, Dirt

My name is Rusty Smith. I am 39 years old, and I build my cars and family in Oxford, NY. I am a third generation Smith driver, and my children are continuing the tradition for a fourth. I have been driving a variety of motorized race cars for the last 30 years, starting on a dirt oval track and years later graduating to asphalt. I have won hundreds of heat races as well as 5 track championships at many venues including the famed Spencer Speedway. Over the last several years, I have returned to my roots, focusing my attention on dirt-oval and big-block modified races, racing against many of the world’s best and most well-known drivers. The challenges that come with racing on a dirt track drive both me and my dedicated team in new and exciting directions.
I am known at many tracks as “Mr. Versatility.” We race as far away as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Canada, and North Carolina. Although I have my regular Friday night track, I believe racing multiple locations makes me a better wheel-man.
A Champion Spark Plugs sponsorship would be well-represented throughout the northeast on both dirt and asphalt, and I would represent Champion in a positive way both on and off the track. We race more than a dozen tracks throughout the year, where we are loved by fans and respected by other competitors, a relationship that ultimately exists because my team realizes drivers are only behind the wheel for a very small percentage of time. The real experience is with the people.
I prove myself a champion in the way I treat my fellow competitors and fans when the helmet comes off. Champion is looking for someone who works hard in all aspects of racing; I am that type of champion.


Oxford, NY

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