Brad Zeitler
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

When I was five years old my father brought home an old truck and he began to fix it up and had me beside him at every turn of the wrench. I learned from him as I grew. He was into top fuel in the fifty's and sixty's as well as helping my Uncle at the salt flats where they almost had the land speed record for piston driven engines. Fast forward he became ill a few years ago and I began to use the truck as therapy for him to get up and do something so a full re build was started. Unfortunately he became more ill and he passed in 2014 and On his bed dying he looked at me and said I had to finish the truck. I slowly have began that process as my own therapy and wished I had his knowledge and hands there with me. He was a Champion man from those early days of racing...which he passed down to me as well we ran everything with Champions and still do. I am a firm believer that any help is good help and I see this as an opportunity for such. MY son saw this contest and said I should do it.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

My daily commutes and weekend chores involve champions in everything we own . Honestly cannot think of an engine without them.


Eagle Point, OR

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Vehicle Maintenance

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