Marina Anderson - Building a 280 MPH Nitro Dream


Marina Anderson
On The Track, Asphalt

The ground shakes beneath your seat, your heart beats faster from the thunder that is two Top Fuel dragsters equating to 20,000 HP roaring down the (then) quarter mile track; the parachutes deploy and you get hooked. I grew up going to drag races feeling this sensation every summer. Learning I like to go fast by eight years old through dirt bikes and go karts; a peaceful day at an empty race track I realized how big of a part of me racing was. By thirteen, it became my dream to race a nitro dragster.

I had the chance to gain experience with a close group of family and friends on a nostalgia top fuel dragster. I was traveling in the tow rig, absorbing anything I could at each match race and begging them to let me sit in the car for warm ups. I enjoyed learning how to take everything apart and began spending weekends at the fabrication shop too.

At seventeen I obtained my first NHRA license, running 8.22s at 162 MPH in a Super Comp dragster my need for speed only grew. The next four years, I spent my days in college classes obtaining a double major Bachelor’s Degree and nights and weekends at the fabrication shop building my racecar chassis. We built my dream of racing a nitro dragster piece by piece.

Now I’m twenty four and tuning my A/Fuel Dragster has presented new challenges to tackle. Through the steps we have taken I am learning more than ever and progressing in my dream. We are on track to compete in the 2017 season. Being a part of every piece of this racing operation is what makes me a champion. A champion doesn’t just win races, we face challenges head on and drive the team forward.


Lombard, IL

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