Brayton Haws: 2015 CARS Tour Late Model Champion continuing his Champion® ways in 2017


Brayton Haws
On The Track, Asphalt

Over the past several years as my family and I traveled from track to track putting everything we had into my cars, I learned a lot about the mechanics of racing. Mostly I have learned a lot about myself and the person I wanted to be. I learned about sportsmanship. I learned about hard work. I learned about perseverance. I also learned to be humble and to always remember that my success on and off the racetrack came only because my family worked so hard to support me. Thanks to them, I learned how to become a champion on and off the track before I ever won a trophy.

After starting out in go-karts when I was only four, I worked my way up through Bandoleros, Legend Cars, and now to Late Model Stocks at the age of 17. And every step along the way, my family has been there, funding my racing, helping at the track, and fully supporting my dream. To me, there is nothing better than strapping in, racing hard, and taking that checkered flag.

The slogan says ‘you never forget your first Champion®’ and I never have, because Champion® helped make me a champion for the first time in 2009 in my dirt go-kart. Since then, I have earned nine other championships in my racing career, most recently winning the 2015 CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car Championship, all with the help of Champion® spark plugs.

In 2016 we have worked hard on putting together our own Late Model team. With my amazing family, our own team, and my passion, drive, and determination, we are ready for a comeback year in 2017 and we would be honored to be a part of the Team Champion® family.


Youngsville, NC

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