1971 Franken Ford. Uncle bought new in 1971. I took off my cousin's Farm when I was 13.4th Rebuild

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My uncle bought the 1971 Ford Ranger brand new in 1971 (year I was born, just coincidence). My cousin used that truck to put out a grass fire on the farm, by doing doughnuts in the field, with my 5 and 3 yr old cousins in the truck. I worked for my cousin from 11-13 on the farm and said 'what are you doing with that ol truck in the back without the motor'. His response 'get it off my farm and you can have it'. I'm 45 now and have had the truck ever since. Got it rebuilt originally when I was 17 and on the road. Found a 460, and a guy that rebuilds race cars to bore it/build it. Dropped that in and now on the 4th rebuild. Getting disc brakes/power steering. I bought a 1979 ford 1/2 ton with C6 and 9" diff. Pulled my cab off and restored it to the 1979. Voila, power steering (god send), disc and power brakes. My mechanic is in a wheel chair and we are doing everything old school. I'm hoping to have it back on the road and in the paint booth for street wheeler's weekend in Lethbridge AB (Home town). When it was 1st redone I received alot of compliments, that it was one of the nicest looking vehicles on the road. I love my Ford, and have used Champion spark plugs in it on every iteration of upgrade/rebuild this truck has had. I think the original 390 came with Champion. Love them so much I even replaced all the plugs in boat with Champion. Would love to have 50k to drop into baby and get er done RIGHT.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

In addition to the 71 franken ford, I have a 2005 Ford 4x4, a 2016 Ford F15 4x4, I have 2 chainsaws, a snow blower, a boat with a Merc V6 in it, a craftsman 36" 12HP snow blower, a honda 6hp water pump and they all run champion spark plugs. If it sparks, at my house, it runs a champion spark plug, distributor/cables and what ever other requirements champion can supply me. I have never had an issue starting any of my vehicles or equipment due to spark/plug/ignition failure. I had to replace the starter in boat after it got swamped in a storm (almost a write off) and the only thing I had to really fix was the starter. the wires and champion plugs fired no problem (were original). ran the boat for a full season without issue after it was swamped. I think largely due to the quality that champion brings to the table.



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