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Jeffrey Hubler
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

As a former mechanic, I built a 30x30 shop. We have hundreds of jeep owners come over and have wrenching parties. We help new owners to modify their Jeeps and then take them offroad to play.

In addition, to helping the owners, we teach them how to work On their jeep. We do not accept payment but encourage people to pay it forward. Help the next new person.

We also volunteer to help local hospitals and nursing homes during inclement weather. We helped the local Minor league baseball team driving all of the players onto the field for Opening day. We support veterans at local Veterans Day parades. We help local Marathons to guide the runners on the course and help them when unexpected Hale storm struck.

The sense of community is great to see. We work hard and play hard. Would like to be considered for the champion sponsorship

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

Champion provides reliable products. Whether riding on the highway, climbing the side of a mountain or navigating the snowdrifts that reliability gives you confidence in performance.


Laplata , MD

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Vehicle Maintenance

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