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I'm a Staff Sergeant of Marines and medically retired from the U.S. Government. I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and now own Grizzly Bear Diesel Technology, a heavy equipment mechanical repair service provider to the construction industry. Two of my Fellow Marine Combat Vets (Ken "Beaver" Z. and Nate "Rubber Duck" M.) and I founded the Marine Corps Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club to help combat vets recover from PTSD and channel their energy into motorsports. Chief is a very special motorcycle to me and he and I both survived a crash in 2009 where we both sustained significant injuries. We both recovered from our damages and are healthy and happy today. I am Chief's caretaker and human as opposed to him belonging to me. Along with my Brothers in Arms from the Marines (Beaver and Rubber Duck) we decided to do something that would combine our love of motorcycling and provide "motor-fellowship" to the Combat Veterans of the USMC.
I feel that Chief and I should be the next Search for a Champion Grand Prize Winner because in my humble opinion, Chief is already a CHAMPION! He provides constant enjoyment and beauty to all those who are lucky enough to see or receive a ride from him! Being from the Indian Motorcycle Company, one of America's original manufacturers of motorcycles, Chief shares that same organizational heritage like Champion products! It is a great and natural fit for two Champions to team up and get the word out! That message being that much relief to post combat stress as well as everyday life stress can be sought through enjoyment of motorsports. Whichever sport you prefer keep those magnificent machines running great by using Champion products!
Chief: "When you have a little time, give a little back. It is all our responsibility!"

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

Champion provides the products of choice to keep our vehicles on the road. My Grandfather used Champion, My Father used Champion and I Use Champion. Champion products are a part of Americana!



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Marine and Powersport

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