I'm part of a Pro-Mod drag racing team in Canada. I spend most of my weekends tuning engines.

Vehicle Maintenance

Stephan Monette
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

My hobby is engine building and tuning. And I just love racing my 1970 Challenger at the drag strip. I also spend most of my weekends helping our Pro Mod team by tuning and data logging each race of the ProMod. There's no such thing as learning on real cars.

I also test new ECU modules using my engine dyno and chassis dyno. I spend lots of my spare time during week nights developing and testing electronic modules for race cars and street cars.

And of course, since I installed a hoist in my garage, I perform car maintenance for my and some of my family members.

I don't know what I would do with my spare time without my garage! :)

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

I never had misfire issues because of a bad sparkplug!

We're always able to get Champion Sparkplugs easily. Never ran into back order issues. It's very important for us on Friday when we run out of spark plugs and need them to race on the weekend. Specially for our ProMod team where we change the spark plugs after each run!


Casselman, ON

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Vehicle Maintenance


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