I choose Champion Plugs on all my Harley Davidson Dyno tunes and Motor builds.

Marine and Powersport

Chris Jones
Off The Track, Marine and Powersport

I have a very cool company called AIP Speed. We build and Dyno tune Harley Davidson motorcycles. I have developed my own engine parts due to be released in Feb 2017. I always use Champion spark plugs on all my Dyno tunes and all my custom engine builds. I have street driven Harleys pushing 177 hp using Champion plugs. I love your product and will use them as long as they're around. Thank you.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

The Plugs offer a wide range for the veryous tunes and engine combos. I need to be able to keep my customers on the road.


Santa Clarita , CA

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Marine and Powersport


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