I represent my sponsors proudly and give them much of my business along with referring others too!


Lacey Egbert
On The Track, Dirt

I am a 21 year old female who started racing at age 14. Due to racing I have been in 2 wrecks which caused me to be in a neck brace but I still refuse to quit. I enjoy racing and represent each of my sponsors as best as I can. I bring my car to many car shows, each year I make my car a theme which will stand out to the crowd and attrack attention from all gender and ages, by doing this I also believe it brings attention to my sponsors. Me and my whole family along with many friends support all of my sponsors by only doing business with them as much as we can. There has been many of times where I pass out my sponsors tshirts, koozies, business flyers and etc at the track to promote their business'. My goal is to never disappoint my sponsors or fans, I always try to go above and beyond for them!


Highland, IL

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