Allen Amrine
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Hello, I have been collecting parts for this car for years now. I am ready to start assembly and get it on the track. I founded Corvair Racers a social media Corvair group for racers. That gives me a good source for experts in all aspects of building a great race car. There is only one other Mid V8 Corvair running at this time and he is doing very well. I think that with my combination of light body, high horsepower and mid engine rear wheel drive, along with the fully independent suspension in the Corvair it would be a hard combo to beat. The Super Saloon Cars showed that in the 70's and I would like to bring it back now in the vintage race scene.

I have a mostly fiberglass body with IMSA flared Fenders front and rear. A Crown Corvair mid engine conversion kit. It will have 4 wheel disc brakes and weigh in at the minimum for it's class with a full roll cage and all necessary safety systems. I also plan to keep it street legal to do ralleys and local shows near the racing venues. It will be a Yenko Stinger tribute car as well.

Please vote for me as this car as after moving and working on our house it has been put on hold for too long. This would give our family a great way to travel together and have a whole lot of fun doing it!


Colorado Springs, CO

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