Aaron Lumbroso
Off The Track, Lawn and Garden

I believe I should be the "off the track" Champion, because I put effort into maintaining small engines, and keeping them running as long as possible. Part of this maintenance includes yearly tune ups with replacing and correctly gaping spark plugs.
I also change fuel, and air filters, as well as grease up critical points on the piece of equipment. Whenever I need a part I head over to my local part store, and most Champion parts are always in stock.

I am also a part time bussiness student, and Champion has made it easier for me to fulfill my hobby of working on small engines.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

I always use Champion plugs over NGK plugs because in my opinion they are the same quality at a more affordable price. Champion spark plugs are also the Manufacturer recommended plugs in many cases. Champion also make quality air filters which are a critical part of single cylinder engines. Besides for yearly maintenance, I also do small engine repair, and Champion has made it easier to complete a job on time.


Champlain, NY

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Lawn and Garden

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