David Cantagallo
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

I think I should be grand prize because of the status and history of my Ford/De Tomaso Pantera. When i was 7 years old my father showed me a friend of his Pantera. Hank Carlini who was director of the Pantera program. I fell in love with that car model and swore to my dad that one day i would own that car. flash forward 35 years and i found a Pantera in New York so I picked up my now 82 year old father and we went to pick up this car. since then we have been working together along with my 21 year old son to restore the car better than new. Now we enjoy taking her to various car shows and around the city or town to show people what a classic Italian American car looks like. People like Elvis, ricky Nelson, Hockey player Tim Horton and most recently Jay Leno are all Pantera lover/owners.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

The heart of the Pantera's 351 Cleveland holds 8 powerful Champion spark plugs.


LaSalle, ON

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Vehicle Maintenance

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