James Laurita
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

I have loved cars all my life but this car is very important to me. This car makes me feel alive when I drive it. I removed all identifying emblems from my car making it a mystery to many. The design of this car is airplane inspired and that is why I call my car scramjet. That and it's a Super Cobrajet with Ram air induction. A 460 crank, cam, pistons, headers, 850 double pumper. The motor has been tested to 580 HP. The Ford 9 inch rear is rated at 1000 HP. P/S P/B factory A/C, special 6 band C6 automatic trans and I added LED sequential tail lights for safety and style.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

I use 93 octane gasoline with an octane booster and the Champion plugs stand up my heavy right foot.
Easy starts, smooth idle and throttle response that would make an F14 Tomcat green with envy.


Commack, NY

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Vehicle Maintenance


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