Eric Waters
On The Track, Asphalt

I love life. I want to experience it all moving forward rather than just sitting still. The automotive passion flows through me. It’s a big portion of my life. There is nothing like strapping into a 700hp car and feel your chest tighten under acceleration. The sensation when your on the edge on a track pushing your limit is when I feel most alive. Its a rush… plain and simple.

In regards to the term 'Champion', I think people think this is just a 'sports' term, but it applies to all aspect of our lives where one has dedicated themselves, sacrificed and achieved their goal. Its when you commit yourself to a goal even through all the hardship and disappointment you still push through because you know your capable... you know you are a 'Champion'.

In my mind, I'm already a champion. I married the greatest woman a man could have. I have a loving family. I have worked hard to have the job I have and sacrificed comforts other's enjoy to do the automotive hobby I love! Would love to win this contest, but I've already won in the stuff that truly matters to me.


China Grove, NC

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