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Ann Horvatin

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Ann Horvatin


I remember being a kid and my dad came home with a 1965 GTO. The car was beautiful and I was hooked
on Pontiacs. I have had Firebirds, Formulas and the Trans Am. I now have a 1980 Firebird that I bought to
drive on the street, and it needs lots of work. I drove it for awhile and decided I want to race the car on the track.
My husband races and I am his crew chief. Which is a lot of responsibility. But every time he goes down the track
my heart starts pounding and I get the urge. So that's when I decided to start building a motor for my Firebird. So I am
rebuilding a Chevy 350 small block with some guidance from my husband. I am hoping I can get it done in time to
race this year, and my husband is hoping I get it done so he can have his garage back.