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Joshua Butler


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Joshua Butler

Horseheads , NY

It all started when we were little kids no bigger than my four year old nephew. We started going to the local dirt track to watch the races as a family. Naturally watching just wasn't going to work. Progression from spectators to racing rc cars. Lead to the next step, purchasing a northeast dirt modified. With that a huge amount of learning the car and setups was required. But with the entire family helping out in one way or another we continued to make improvements. There's nothing better than seeing the smiles on the kids faces when the engines fire and the races get under way. The first season we finished 8th overall which we felt was very impressive since we never been on that side of the track until that year. But when there's good sometimes there's not so good. Our third season out saw the lose of the car in a bad crash. As we continue to grow we now have another car and want to continue on the path of success and strive for a championship. There would be nothing better than to be part of #TeamChampion on that journey to the first championship!!!