In The Garage

Jon Corral

Jon Corral

Washougal , WA

I can't think of a more appropriate "Search For A Champion" project!

We are "GARAGE CHAMPIONS!" My dad, childhood buddy and I have dedicated ourselves to building challenging full fledged restorations on GM trucks and muscle cars since we were kids. Like most contestants, a majority of that "dedicated time" is lost to our day jobs.

All of our builds have been done inside a standard two car garage, and this Chevelle is no exception! This Chevelle was purchased 6 years ago and has been pushed aside for other projects for too long!

Our biggest challenge yet will require more time, patience, and overall passion than any of our previous builds. We don't have a lift or high tech machine shop equipment, we use basic air & hand tools along with our combined experience to bring old, forgotten, rusted, classic GM vehicles back to life!

Our first SEMA Build!

Finishing this car for SEMA 2018 will be our proudest moment and ultimate Championship win for us and anyone who works an unrelated day job, or is a weekend warrior in their own garages! We represent everyone who puts their blood, sweat, tears, passion, time, and love into their own projects!