On The Track

Nelson Mason


Nelson Mason

Niagara Falls, ON

My life has revolved and been chiselled by motorsport since I was first born.

I started racing motocross at the age of 5, winning the Canadian National Championship when I was 7, and moving to 4 wheels as soon as I was allowed once I turned 8. The sport I love and dream about has taken me across the globe, and I have had the fortune of winning races and championship all over, and now I’m back home with focus on North America. I have been so lucky in my career to compete at the highest Formula’s in the world and received drives on merit rather than bank account. My dream is my job and vice versa. I hope my career proves to the young racers out there how far you can go, if you never give up, with attitude, work ethic, and determination, anything is possible.

Motorsport is the beautiful competition of man and machine, conquering each other whilst competing against others; it brings out the best of our ability, and in my experience, the best of us. It isn’t just driving, it’s the absolute competition.

Thank you to Champion and all who support us racers in our drive.