On The Track

Hayden Jones


Hayden Jones

Matthews, NC

Performance of a Champion

Started racing karts in 2015. Oct. 2016, fitted for full sized chassis and IAME x30 motor. Practiced for Oct-Nov (700+ miles) and raced in Nov and Dec. Kicked off 2017 - first full year kart racing outdoors. Competed in:

1. Karting Challenge (GoPro Motorplex) – 2nd in total points, tied for 3rd in final series points
2. USPKS – 5th place podium in first national race
3. F-Series – finished in top 15
4. WKA – 5th place finish

2018 planned schedule: WKA Man Cup, Karting Challenge at GoPro Motorplex and other potential races SKUSA Pro Tour NOLA and USPKS at CMP.

I’m fueled by speed, adrenaline, winning, performing better each time on the track, competition, seeing the green flag wave, preparation through exercise, concentration and visualization. Knowing that .001 can be the difference between 1st and 2nd.

1. 5th at USPKS
2. 5th at WKA

1. Sponsors to fuel growth
2. Learning new tracks

Deserve to win:
1. Strong/gifted student (Beta Club award recipient)
2. Good spokesperson – I can Champion It!
3. I want to become a professional race car driver and need sponsors to fuel my growth
4. #mylifeatspeed