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Kylen Horsley


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Kylen Horsley

Pierre, SD

I started drag racing on my 8th birthday, but my love for the sport started much earlier. My mom took me to our local track to watch my dad race. I was hooked at the first smell of burning rubber. Drag racing runs deep in my family, the car I run today was my cousins. My whole family races which makes it more than a sport to me it makes it a passion, a true love. I have learned at a young age not only will I be a driver but also a pit crew and mechanic. Everyone chips in to help, even the friends we invite out to watch. We race as a family, we win as a family , and we lose as a family and I wouldn't have it any other way. This year had its ups and downs, I won the Jr. Minor Points Series at our local track The Oahe Speedway. This year almost didn't happen, our track closed and my family was instrumental in helping reopen the track for two long weekends of great racing. I have racing in my blood and would love to represent #TeamChampion