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Charlie Hamilton

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Charlie Hamilton

Maynardville, TN

My name is Charlie Hamilton. I am 17 years old from Maynardville, Tennessee. Working on cars and is my hobby and passion. This is my 1952 Ford F1 truck. It still has its original 215 Overhead valve six cylinder. It still is three speed on the column. This is the first vehicle I learned how to drive on. I drive it back and forth to school. I got the truck when I was 14 years old and have been working on it ever since. Dad and I rebuilt the brakes, and suspension on it. I have had some great times with friends working on it. It is my pride and joy. I am also working on a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 XL, Z code 390 automatic. I am slowly getting it back on the road. I run Champion spark plugs in both of my vehicles. I have a passion for drag racing also. I help Dad with the car from getting it race ready to tuning on it. I have met many great people along the way. From meeting friends at shows to acquiring parts and friendships. I am a Champion!