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Chase Sampson


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Chase Sampson

Grove City, OH

From in the stands to behind the wheel racing has always been a part of my life, growing up in the pits of CMS with my dad working on a Late Model team. I always loved going to the track and making memories together. I soon wanted to be the kid behind the wheel instead of in the stands. I began to race QM around Ohio and quickly became competitive. As my skill level grew we decided to make the jump to Dirt Sport Mods for the 2016 season with our focus being seat time. This sponsorship is a great chance for our family team to excel our program. It gives us a chance to improve and be more competitive propelling us to the front. The 2017 season, I raced 29 races around Ohio. Of those 29, 26 were top 10 with 2nd being my best. Finishing the season 5th and ROY at Atomic and 18th overall and 3rd ROY nationally (AMRA). 2018 will bring more tracks around Ohio and surrounding states to further excel my experience. We spend our nights in the garage working to make the car better for the next race, looking to improve and never settle.