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Bill Wise


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Bill Wise

Novi, MI

Since my start in 2009 I’ve had wins every season and have won 2 separate regional championships, but it’s my resolve and desire to prove my skill on and off the track that I believe truly makes me a champion. I started right at the bottom of the racing ladder; turning wrenches. Ever since I’ve taken the opportunities to learn all aspects of racecars from the design and fabrication to the testing and racing in the ever-consuming quest of going faster. Every year I have built my knowledge and skill behind a wrench and behind the wheel. While the victories started to pile up it was my pride in finding the speed, whether in the car or myself, that became the real reward. It is this motivation that drives me every season. Motor racing is a sport that I can compete in for years and still feel there is more to learn, more to experience, and more ways to challenge myself. A partnership with Champion Spark Plugs will provide me opportunities to continue experimenting and challenging myself so that I can prove that a champion is so much more than the one that finishes first.