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baron mcdowell


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baron mcdowell

fountain inn, SC

My name is Baron Mcdowell, better known as the Baronator. I live in Fountain Inn South Carolina. I started my racing career when I was only 5 1/2 years old racing go karts. When the 2017 season ended,it was the end of my six season. With the 2018 season starting I am moving up into a 602 crate late model. Along the way I’ve picked up 131 victories in the Karting world. Two of those were back to back maxxis national champions. My all-time dream is to become the youngest world of outlaws driver By the time that I am 14. It will only come through with the help of the Champion sponsorship. Not only will it help me, it will help your company as well! With me being only 12 years old, people will notice me ,will look at my sponsors, and will hopefully see your name on my car as well. Hopefully that will generate business for you as well. I think I should be the winner of the $50,000 grand prize sponsorship and have your name on the front of my dirt late model.