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Scott Balsley

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Scott Balsley

Crimora , VA

a 1955 ford 2 door wagon full tube chassis certified 6.0 ( Dave hunt Racecraft) for hot rod drag week and to promote camp LIGHT . I will do the motor ,trans , wiring , plumbing , interior and paint with the help of some friends it will be street legal ( lol) . I’ve always been into building cars and going fast .l love learning how then work and being creative. My biggest challenges are time and money ( like most ). I have not raced in 12 years because we have been building a camp for children with special needs called camp LIGHT ( still building) go to . we had 150 kids last summer for day camps while raising funds for overnight stay facilities where we will see 600 kids from all over . I am builder so we have built everything at camp including a 1950s town with a gas station where the kids race pinewood derby cars and build car models .my plan is to have the older kids help with the car hoping to inspire them to build something of their own one day .
Scott Balsley