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Jerry Clark

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Jerry Clark


I’m name is Jerry Clark I’m 42 native of Colorado home of the PPHIC. I’m working on a 94 Ford Escort GT to go do SCCA this year at PPIR 94 Mx3 GSR and 72 1/2 Vega GT Wagon for the Airstrip Attack this summer. I’ve been working on automobiles since I was 11 with my older twin brothers before the left to the military I’m well versed and on vehicle repairs and performance 1950 till currently American to Euro and Foreign and some Diesel. Last year I helped my friend build his 74 Pink Pinto to do circle track at I-25 Speedway from a pile of parts in a month. My biggest challenge is to repair automobiles without having the proper tools to do the job right. Hopefully winning this I will be able to reopen my speed shop.