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Matt Fletcher

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Matt Fletcher

Owensville, MO

From going to car shows as a kid, to wrenching with my dad for fun and many times out of necessity, cars have been in my blood and a true love my entire life. My first vehicle was my fathers hand me down truck, which kept me going through college and into life. Over the years it was modified from daily driver to a drag truck. Along the way I also had several cars that took me to USAC and SCCA races at Gateway in St Louis many years ago. Sadly, my truck was stolen before it could be completed and the cars had all been traded off for more practical rides. Now, however, I've finally got a garage, a replacement truck with a donor on the side and another fast friend, my Firebird. My passion for autos of all types has only increasingly gotten stronger, and so has my knowledge in the garage and under the hood. From doing Rochester carb rebuilds with dad, to my own extensive engine work and weekend track visits, I'm the perfect fit for a Champion sponsorship. Thank you for your consideration!