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larry rupe


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larry rupe

broken arrow, OH

I have been racing for over 35 years. I grew up in the race shop while I was in diapers. My father was a dirt racer and I could not wait unti the day that I turned 16 so I could wheel my own car and not just pack the track. My greatest day (and worst) was the day I passed my dad on the race track and waved as I drove around him.. that's the day I really knew that I have got the hang of it. Later in the pits he told me never to waved as I passed again.. lol I went on in my career to travel all over the country in IMCA modifieds, and won over 15 track championships and more trophies across the country that I can count, even got into the top 10 at Boone. I have put my career on hold while my now 25 year old son has wheeled everything from a go cart to a late model. I have now officially unretired and am racing in the Grand National class and would love to travel once again and pass some cars !