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chris colenutt


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chris colenutt

essex, ON

Motocross has always been a passion of mine growing up as a little kid. I' ve always been determined to get to the races weather it was friends parents taking me or driving myself with a friend. I worked hard farming with my grandfather to afford all my expenses, but always came up short on having a solid race bike to be able to compete with the competition. From serious injuries to working my butt off I've always had hurdles to overcome to find time to work while injured, make money , train , travel and of course heal. Racing , battling competitors , and having smooth races always lights the fire in my veins and keeps me hungry for more and keeps me coming back. I feel being apart of team champion would help tremendously as I have never had the family backing ,support , and sponsorship I've needed in this tough sport to show case my talent. This opportunity would help me take that next step in my racing to full fill what I've always thought I've been capable of achieving in my racing career.Thanks to all that help and continue to help with my career!