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Hunter Cook


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Hunter Cook

Umatilla, OR

As a kid, you dream of going fast! Always loved going to drag strips and meeting drivers and hearing crowds yell and scream! Always dreamed of being in the seat of a fast car and tearing it down the drag strip. My father grew up in the same place racing a front engine dragster in Deer Park in Spokane,Washington. He showed me as a young kid how to build an entire engine and showed me what it took to build a unique vehicle and of course how to make it go fast. I guess building my first S/B Chevy which runs in my drag car now has been my huge challenge and my success. Not only did I build the engine all by myself, but I learned what it takes to build one towards the end of my high school year. And now , being an adult , I get the opportunity to take it racing and do exactly what my father did back then in a car that was built by both of us.