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Michael Milesi


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Michael Milesi

Malibu, CA

After watching motorsports my whole life I began karting in the Jim Hall Sodi Kart Series when I was 15. After winning two championships I went on to win the Jim Hall Sprint Kart Championship. The following year I won the Southern California Formula 100 Karting Championship. This was my biggest triumph because I was up against teams and drivers with years more experience. This year my goal is to race in the Formula Car Challenges, Formula Mazda class. This class is very competitive. It is this competition which drives me. The competition between drivers and machines is unlike any other challenge in sports. Champion should sponsor me because I am fast and consistent on track and just as dedicated off track. Whether it is changing tires in the rain minutes before a race or working after school and on weekends to support my career, I am extremely dedicated. This dedication extends to my diet, fitness and to my college major. This is the same dedication I will put into promoting Champion. I am media savvy, I know my unique selling points and I recognize Champion’s target consumers. I will make a perfect ambassador to promote Champion Spark Plugs!