On The Track

Brett Gonyaw


Brett Gonyaw

Vernon, CT

Six years ago, after having the opportunity to drive for other teams, I imagined myself winning races in my own New England Modified. I bought myself a car and started slowly building my team from the ground up in order to accomplish that dream. Today, after a lot of hard work, my team and I celebrate success and endure hardships together. Each year, we continue to grow as a team, and only with their help, my dream is becoming a reality.

We all share the same goal, but each member of my team brings a different perspective and background to the table. At the end of the day we all come together with the drive to achieve any task, on the track, or in the shop.

I’m forever grateful that I was able to find teammates who understood and shared my passion. Together, we proved to everyone else that we could produce five wins at four different tracks throughout New England in 2017. Together, we have the endurance to be a champion, and Champion has the spark to get us there. Gonyaw Motorsports is looking forward to having Champion Auto Parts as a partner in 2018.