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Payton Brown

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Payton Brown

Goose Creek, SC

Banging gears, racing, and building your own car isn’t something your typical 20-year-old girl would be interested in doing. My name is Payton, I've grown up with a passion for cars and as I've aged, it has continuously gotten "worse". Between helping my dad in the garage as we are building his '55 Bel-Air, to wrenching on my own vehicles, and helping my boyfriend with his ’98 Camaro. I love to do it all. I currently own a 2013 Mustang GT I bought back in 2016. As I got more and more invested in my 5.0 racing and breaking it- I realized I needed to stop beating on my daily driver. So, I decided to buy a '88 foxbody mustang which I am currently building as an LS swapped street car/ drag car. My goals with this car are high, and with that- comes a price. This sponsorship could help me move forward in hopes of continuing as a full time student/ employee, while building my dream car that I can bring out every weekend and race.