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Allen Huffman


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Allen Huffman

Hickory, NC

My name is Allen Huffman and I have been involved in racing since I was a kid. From sitting in the stands until the day I made my first laps in a race car, racing has been in my blood. I’ve learned many lessons throughout the years in racing, but the most important one is what it takes to be a Championship contender. Races are won at the shop and it takes focus and a drive like none other to stay in contention. But it’s not all about the racetrack either. A Champion can be determined by how they live their life. A Champion is someone who makes their community a better place. That’s what our team’s driving force is. The smiles you see on those you meet, make all the long hours at the shop worth every minute. From ministocks, to pro4s, to Late-models and trucks, our drive is focused on making our community a better place all while performing the best we can on the racetrack. Racing is also a community and can teach students the values needed for life. With Champions longstanding support of community and motorsports, that makes us a great partner for 2018!