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Frank Friesen

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Frank Friesen

St.Catharines, ON

I am working on a 1997 VOLVO 960 that is rear wheel drive with a 24 vale 6cl motor made by Porsche, I've replace the coil packs spark plugs, Brakes and flex lines, Fuel filter and high pressure hoses, Transmission solenoid, Interior switches and dash bulbs, Next is exhaust, body work, I've also had to customize a trunk release latch from a newer Volvo to work on mind, Also customized a AC/Delco washer fluid level censer. Its a work in progress and a daily driver and its a lot of fun to drive. The Biggest challenge was sourcing the solenoid for the Transmission, Finding out that a friend that owns a transmission shop was able to locate TCC solenoid, Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid from a company in Montreal. Now shiftier linkages are going in. Its all well worth the time and effort and the odd headache...