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Derek Robbie


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Derek Robbie

Bellingham, MA

Excuse me, sir, May I have your autograph? As a young boy, I watched the likes of Teddy Christopher, Doug Coby, and Mike Stefanik, learning their every move in hopes to be a champion someday. I observed them not just on the track but off as well, studying how they carry themselves. In 2013, I achieved my goal of becoming a first-time champion claiming the Pro4 Modified Sportsmen Championship. But I’m not settling for one championship. I continue every day striving to become a champion again. I am now racing in the division of my childhood heroes and hope to follow their successes. As I work towards my next championship, I spend my time helping young racers achieve their goals, connecting with race fans at every track, and never stop learning on how I can make my car, my marketing and my team better. I feel a champion is someone who embraces being a role model, never stops learning, and always striving to become the best on and off the track. In the end, I hope someday a young or fan racer comes up to me and asks “Excuse me, sir, May I have your autograph?”