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Derek Fetter


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Derek Fetter

Troy, MO

Grew up around racing, grandfather helped some big name drivers and my dad has raced before I was born. Started racing in 2008. 2011 I raced almost the full season and won a championship in 2012 in the crate latemodel class. Moved up to the supers in 2013 and was rookie of the year at my track. Have struggled the last few years with the car and engine program. Won the off the track champion contest last year and used the winnings to help my racing program but struggled with 3 engine failures. Built a engine in 2 weeks to make the gateway dirt nationals, qualified really good and got flipped in our heat. Still came back the next day to race after a rear end swap. If I could give a reason why I should win it’s because always give it my all and never give up!