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Lisa Butler


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Lisa Butler

Russell, MB

This is the story of my husband Skip Zentner from Rossburn, Manitoba..He has always wanted to race cars since he got his first Direct Connection Performance Parts Book for Chrysler and Plymouth cars at the age of 16. Twenty five years later that dream of a race car to come true. He found a 1964 Dodge Polara and dragged it back to the garage where he transformed it. From metal work.sanding.primer,paint,interior,dash, the heart of the car the motor.Skip took pride in keeping the car as original as possible by building a 440 motor with 513 gears and keeping the original push button transmission that he still uses to this day.Skip managed to bring the car to life and started racing.He started out on the airport runaways that were converted to 1/8 mile drag strips. then to 1/4 mile drag strip.Aug 2009,after 2 long days of testing,tuning and racing the day came. It was a perfect, the car,weather,track,and even the driver was ready to go.The moment Skip dreamed of came true.THAT FIRST WIN!.This sponsorship would be such a tremendous honor,and help to continue to upgrade the car We would be proud to be part of such a great team.