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Casey Call


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Casey Call

Pembroke , NH

My name is Casey Call driver of the #90NH Legend car. Most of my family has a strong passion for racing, just like I do.
At the age of 5 my father saw my love for racing and bought me my first Go-Kart. From there I had moved up the ranks picking up over 200 wins, 14 Championships, 2 Driver Of The Year Awards and 2 Rookie Of The Year Awards.
One of my biggest and most challenging accomplishments was winning the 2016 U.S. Legend Winter Nationals in the Bandolero Outlaw Division. As I grew up my dream of being a professional race car driver is slowly becoming a reality and with the help of Champion Spark Plugs I know it could happen. I would be honored to have champion Spark Plugs by my side in my 2018 race season.