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Evan Polisky


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Evan Polisky

Beverly, MA

My racing story starts back in '03 when I was 6 years old and my dad brought our family to the Indy 500. That's where I asked drivers how they got into the IRL and they said, go karting! Months later I had my first quarter midget go kart. Now it's been some years and I'm racing the 125 Stock Honda class because it's the spotlight class in the karting community. Biggest triumph I had was my first season in the Stock Honda class. With tight competition, I got off to a bad start with the motor seizing up and being down a ton of points. But my dad and I climbed back and won the championship by 15 points! I feel that I should be sponsored by CHAMPION because not only do I put in the work to be a great competitor against the top guys in the U.S., but my dad also puts in a ton of work to make sure my kart is running top of the line at every event! With the help of CHAMPION, it would be a great opportunity to show the premiere class in karting what CHAMPION spark plugs can do for us!