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William Yancey

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William Yancey

Millington, TN

My name is William and I live in smaller town north of Memphis TN. I have a 1978 Ford F150 that belonged to my late grandpa, we grew up driving this truck on the farm. My brother and myself bust our tails to make this truck what it is. We both are huge drag racer fans so we turned thr truck in that path. Unlike high rolling racers we build ours in a simple non heated or cooled wood shop. We have installed our very own roll cage, which is a huge accomplishment for us since numerous people said we couldn't do it. We are currently building a brand new beautiful 512 Big block stroker ford. We have made this truck a true old school drag truck and enjoyed every minute of it. We are just some simple brothers doing what we do best and keep old school alive like we was taught.