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Samantha Merrett


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Samantha Merrett

Essex, ON

I participate in motocross and I got into the sport because i'd been going to watch my brother race and wanted to try it out as it was something me and my family could do together. My passion for racing comes from the love of being on two wheels, Being a women in a male dominated sport is challenging but I love the thrill of charging hard into the first corner with all the guys and proving and making a name for women motocross. I let the words of people that say “you can’t do it, your a girl,” push me and encourage me to do better and train harder. Motocross is expensive and I can’t even afford my own bike, I borrow my boyfriends new bike and he rides an older bike just so that I have good equipment to compete on. I think I deserve the sponsorship because I know what its like to struggle to get to the track every weekend but I’m very passionate about my sport and want the opportunity to continue to grow as an athlete and compete for championships against my competitors.