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Sarah Patrick


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Sarah Patrick

Albany, KY

I began racing when I was 9 years old. I started racing go karts, then I followed in my dad’s foot steps. Yes, we are a father daughter racing team. Patrick racing is our Motorsport name. But for others we are a father daughter team. My dad has pushed me through the battles of racing. He is the one who makes my passion of racing come to life. We are each other’s pit crew and crew chiefs. However, I guess that’s the teachings that every dad gives their daughter. The triumphs that I have faced in racing, well, are alittle different from what you’ve probably heard. The triumph for me is seeing my students in the stands cheering me on race after race. Yes, I am a teacher and I enjoy every minute of it. Besides the students cheering me on, I have about a dozen little cute girls who are my fans that I worship every weekend. They bug their parents or grand parents to take them to the track just to see me. Seeing those smiles and their joy in their faces it what makes my triumph night after night.