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Destiny Bullard


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Destiny Bullard

Marquette, MI

I’m often asked why I race and what it’s like to be a female driver. I never really know how to answer those questions because for as long as I can remember I’ve been at race tracks, just there to race, never really caring what anyone else thought. Many people in my family have raced over the years, both male and female, so a lot of my weekends were spent at the track. It wasn’t until my step-dad came into my life that I began racing. I started out racing go-karts at the local track where I’ve won several track championships and first place trophies but most importantly, I’ve won most improved driver, and sportsman of the year two years in a row. I raced go-karts for 9 years, and have been racing a 4-cylinder modified and a Wisconsin Sport Truck. Between college, National Guard training, work, sports, etc., racing is the one thing that gives me freedom and an indescribable feeling. Being sponsored by Champion would be a great start to making racing a career for me and to show the world that I’m not a female driver, I’m just a driver that happens to be a female.